Midwestern Medical Directors Association

Midwestern Medical Directors Association

Mission and Organization


Statement of Mission and Purpose

The Midwestern Medical Directors Association (MMDA) was formed to be both an educational and a social organization. Its goal is to provide for an informal exchange of scientific and medical information among medical directors and other underwriting professionals and health insurance companies operating in the Midwestern states.


Organization and Structure

The organization is comprised of the membership along with an elected president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. Membership is yearly, and is based on the payment of membership dues along with meeting the other criteria of eligibility discussed below. Dues are payable yearly, and must be paid for full membership. The dues can be changed as voted upon by the membership. The MMDA is incorporated in the State of Indiana as a non-profit organization.

Any medical director from a life and/or health insurance company from the Midwest area is eligible to become a member. He/she must have a valid medical degree from an accredited medical school, a current license to practice medicine, have current affiliation with a life and/or health insurance company, and pay the yearly dues. Applicants who do not meet these criteria are considered on an individual basis. Full members are entitled to voting privileges and to hold one of the three available offices.

Prior members who are now retired and no longer practice as a medical director can become emeritus members. This is done by request to the full membership. Emeritus status enables the person to attend our meeting. They do not have to pay dues and are not eligible to vote or to hold office.


Duties/Election of Officers

The officers of the MMDA will be comprised of a president, vice president, and a secretary/treasurer. For purposes of continuity, there will be ascension of each office to the one above. After one year, the secretary/treasurer will become vice president and the vice president will become the president. As such, an election will be held once each year to elect a new secretary/treasurer. The immediate past president may be invited to attend and participate in executive team meetings to help ensure continuity from year to year.


Duties of the President

Preside over the business meetings
Set the agenda for the business meetings
Sign any documents required as the chief officer of the organization
Provide oversight/assistance regarding the overall functioning of the association
Send out yearly sponsorship/fundraising letters and Commercial Support Agreements


Duties of the Vice President

Update AAIM web site with new executive committee
Assist the host medical director with planning, budgeting, and running of the annual meetings
Recruit host medical directors for upcoming meetings
Be prepared to take over for the president if the need arises


Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer

1. Maintain the finances of the organization:
Maintain all of the organization bank accounts, deposit and keep a record of all income, pay and keep a record of all liabilities, pay invoiced expenses at the regular MMDA meetings
Provide quarterly financial reports to the President
Provide a report to the membership at the annual meetings
Ensure a coordinated transition of financial information to the new secretary/treasurer no later than Dec. 31st of the year of his/her term.
Monitor tax status of the organization – arrange all necessary filings and ensure that the tax-exempt status of our organization is maintained
2. Maintain the records of the organization:
Keep accurate and complete records of all important correspondence
Take the minutes of the business meetings at the annual meetings
Distribute the minutes of the previous business meeting to the President prior to and for approval of members at the subsequent meeting
Send out dues notices to the membership in January
Update/maintain the membership roster
3. Timeline details:
June/July – Obtain and confirm signing privileges at the bank; Notify lawyer, accountant, and bank of the new executive committee and appropriate change of addresses
December - File annual Business Entity Report (form is on-line)
December – Update/Send membership letter and application; 4th Quarter treasurer's report
January-April – Update membership information/addresses
April - Send tax preparation for the accountant including: Copy checkbook stubs, Quarterly treasurer's reports, 1st and last Bank statements of the year, showing cash balance Jan 1 and Dec. 31st; 1099 form
May 15 – Deadline for filing taxes for non-profit organizations



The organization will hold a meeting annually, typically in the month of May. The meeting will consist of a dinner Thursday evening, followed by a day-long scientific presentation Friday, with a final social dinner to be held Friday evening. The scientific session will be structured so that it will be eligible for continuing medical education credits. A meeting planner document and a yearly meeting data spreadsheet are maintained by the officers to assist hosting company medical directors.


November 2015 update of the 1998 MMDA Mission and Organization
2015 MMDA Executive - Bill Rooney MD, Gina Guzman MD and Dave Rengachary MD